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Buxton CC Club Time Trial Events 2017

All start promptly at 7pm.

Len Eyre events at Fairfield (all on Tuesdays)

Event 1: 2nd May, Timekeeper: Mat Ivings, Marshal: Paul Birkin, Results
Event 2: 9th May, Timekeeper: Rhys Roberts, Marshal: Steve I'Anson, Results
Event 3: 16th May, Timekeeper: Jon Batt, Marshal: Paul Attiwell, Results
Event 4: 23rd May, Timekeeper: Steve I'Anson, Marshal: Jon Batt, Results
Event 5: 30th May, Timekeeper: Mostyn Bullock, Marshal: Graham Starkey, Results
Event 6: 6th June, Timekeeper: Rhys Roberts, Marshal: Ian Clucas, CANCELLED due to dangerous wind.
Event 7: 13th June, Timekeeper: Jim Stewart, Marshal: Esther Clinton, Results
Event 8: 20th June, Timekeeper: Nick Sharpe, Marshal: Si Watson, Results
Event 9: 27th June, Timekeeper: Liz Batt, Marshal: Chris Lea, Results
Event 10: 4th July, Timekeeper: Nick Sharpe, Marshal: Mark Horsley Frost, Results
Event 11: 11th July, Timekeeper: Sam Clark, Marshals: Si Watson and Pat Holborn, Results
Event 12: 18th July, Timekeeper: Sam Clark, Marshal: Rhys Roberts, Results

Other events (all on Tuesdays)

Monyash TT (Course): 25th July, Timekeeper: Tony Millington, Marshal: Steve I'Anson and Paul Whyte, Results
Long Hill Hill Climb: 1st August, Timekeepers: Tony Millington and Chris Lea, Marshal: Alice Leclerq, Results
3 Hills Climb 1: Glutton Bridge to Hind Low, 8th August, Timekeepers: Tony Millington and Liz Batt, Marshal: Jon Batt, Results
3 Hills Climb 2: Miller's Dale Station to Wormhill, 15th August, Timekeepers: Tony Millington and Jim Stewart, Marshal: Alice Leclerq, Results
3 Hills Climb 3: Brierlow Bar to Hind Low, 22nd August, Timekeepers: Tony Millington and Steve I'Anson, Marshal: Jon Batt, Results

[1] Your best six handicap results in the series of 12 Club Events (2nd May - 18th July) on JC14 will count towards the Len Eyre Trophy.

[2] The Best All Rounder Competition will be calculated from times recorded in open events at 10, 25, & 50 miles on ā€œJā€ courses and 100 miles on any course. Veterans BAR calculated from average speed against standard.

[3] The Road Race Trophy will be awarded for the best five placings during the season; (Juvenile, Junior, Senior, Veteran, or Lady Rider)

[4] Junior Best All Rounder on best Fairfield time + Monyash circuit + Long Hill Club event.

[5] Three hills championship decided on fastest time for events on 8th, 15th, 22nd August

Who was Len Eyre?

Buxton CC Open Events 2017

Open 10 Mile Time Trial 2017

Thursday 29th June 2017, Buxton CC Open 10 mile Time Trial and club championship, J10/1 19.00

Open Mountain Time Trial 2017

Friday 14th April 2017, Buxton CC Open Mountain Time Trial, Longnor J8/3 11.00 See

Open Hill Climb 2017

Sunday 3rd September 2017, Buxton CC 4.4 mile Open Hill Climb, Long Hill J9/13 10.00

Note: See for details of how to enter open time trial events.